Definition of raising beautiful and healthy bio-organic fertilizer

The natural fertilizer for the most part got from plants and creatures’ excrement and waste, to give plant supplements as its essential capacity. Handled by natural materials, creature and plant squanders and plant build-ups, it has wiped out poisonous and hurtful substances, has numerous helpful substances, including an assortment of natural acids, peptides and bountiful supplements including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Natural fertilizer nourishment is complete, fertilizer productivity is steady and enduring, it can improve the physical and substance properties and organic exercises of soil, and are the primary wellspring of vitality for soil microbial multiplication. In this way, so as to keep up and improve soil fruitfulness, we should add to a specific measure of natural fertilizer to the dirt consistently.

Bio-Organic fertilizer

As of late the rising eco-farming, natural horticulture in the United States, Western Europe, Japan, etc, they zeroed in on the utilization of natural fertilizer, and accept natural fertilizer as the principle wellspring of green food creation. What is more, the natural fertilizer gadgets are utilized generally and assume a significant part in the business sectors. we self-create and fabricated multi-useful natural fertilizer creation line, which has the upsides of smaller structure little impression, excellent, and solid activity. What is more, this phan bon huu co creation line remembering various gadgets for the entire creation measure: pressure driven sort groove turning machine, half-wet smasher machine, level blender, rotating dryer, revolving cooler, the new kind natural fertilizer granulator, rotational screener, programmed pressing machine.

The fundamental cycle is fertilizing the soil maturation and granulation. New excrement ought not be utilized before fertilizing the soil, since it has hazardous microorganisms may hurt yield roots, and it contains grass or weed seeds that would prompt devastation for plant developing. Take the natural crude materials and include proportional natural substances like vegetable waste, garden flotsam and jetsam, sawdust, and straw and so on for better treating the soil and maturation. also, put them into the maturation fertilizer turning machine with corresponding species for around multi week, the aging temperature ought to be controlled inside 65 ℃, it scents of smells of manure however no waste and has better ingestion by crops after aging. it is necessary to utilize the dewatering machine to expulsion of water for satisfying the guideline of dampness of natural issue.